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    Computer Science Enrichment Club (CSEC)

    CSEC is a student-run group that focuses on helping students with a passion for Computer Science take the next steps in their professional careers. Discover your interests from engaging in exciting monthly seminars, like Machine Learning and World of Work. Members of our community have had the opportunity to work at major tech firms such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Riot Games, Nvidia and more!

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    Association of Mathematical and Computer Science Students (AMACSS)

    The purpose of AMACSS is to represent, advocate for and enhance the university experience of students in the Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences. The AMACSS executive team, all current students, work to enhance the educational, recreational, social and cultural environment of the University of Toronto at Scarborough.

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    Women in Computer Science, Statistics and Mathematics (WiCSM)

    WiCSM creates communal, academic, and skillful events to create safe place for students to come together & socialize through events. Our main goal is to encourage more women to pursue a degree in Computer Science, Statistics & Mathematics.

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    The Data Science & Statistics Society (DS3)

    The mission of the Data Science and Statistics Society (DS3) is to create a platform for peer-mentorship, career exploration and professional skills development among UTSC students from all disciplines interested in Data Science and Statistics.

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